Your keyless access to electromobility

No registration fees, no subscription, no obligations.

allride offers electric 2- and 4-wheel mobility right on your doorstep. For a flexible and convenient sharing experience, all you need is the allride app, a valid driver's license and a credit card.

Have you received an access code? Then register today and enter the exclusive code of the desired provider. You do not need a code for public locations in the allride app.





These are your advantages as an allride user


Thanks to allride and the accompanying app, you have easy access to the various mobility offers.


allride allows you to use the vehicles entirely according to your needs, without subscription fees or obligations.


Support the sustainable development of Switzerland through the use of climate-friendly shared mobility.


This is how the allride app works:


The allride app gives you convenient and keyless access to shared e-mobility. Register, book, open, ride. Car and bike sharing has never been so easy.


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